Iman Tumorang

Software Engineer - Writer - Open Source Enthusiast - Startup Enthusiast

Hello world, how are you? What happen today ? Wish you have the best right now. It’s me, Iman Syahputra Situmorang, a young and energic but just a mere human, who still pursuing my dreams.

I’m occasionaly looking for any challenges. If you have some of challenges and you want to share it with me, let me know, contact me directly at iman[dot]tumorang[at]gmail[dot]com. Or you can mention me at twitter for fast response @bxcodec

Let us know more, and be friend for the sake of humanity and freedom :XD

Just my favourite quote

Hope is the good thing and maybe the best of things
And no good things ever dies

Andy Dufresne ~ Shawshank Redemption