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My Mental Problem: Am I Too Hard to Myself?

Every morning, I always think about what makes me excited to finish this month?

How To Do Pagination in Postgres with Golang in 4 Common Ways

A few examples of pagination on Postgres, with Benchmark, written on Golang

HTTP - PATCH Method! I've Thought the Wrong Way!!!

Today I learned, The Reality that People Never Told Me about HTTP-PATCH!

Today I Learned: Row Locking Transaction in PostgreSQL

How I did Locking in a Row for Read-Write Transactions in Postgres. - It took me 2 days to attempt to solve this, but the solution is actually very simple and elegant.

Today I Learned: Enabling Horizontal Pod Autoscaler(HPA) in Kubernetes

Solving 'Unknown' Current Resource Value in HPA Target to allow horizontal autoscaling in Kubernetes.

Utilize Open API 3 for the Faster Software Development Process

How I can make a Mock Server, APIClient SDK, and a Live API Documentations with ease in Kubernetes Just using open-source tools that you can get free