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Iman Tumorang
Software Engineer - Writer - Open Source Enthusiast - Startup Enthusiast
Dec 2, 2018 1 min read

About Theme

After a long time not maintaining this blog, now I think it’s time to re-maintain this. The first thing I’ve done is change the theme.

Anyway, before moving forward. I’ll tell this blog means. This blog stand in url as my personal blog (Iman Tumorang owner and author of this blog). I use Hugo a static web generator to generate this website, and hosted in Github pages. Thanks for the community (Hugo) and for the Github for making this web alive. With only paying for domain host, I can have a great personal blog like this without thinking about server or deployment.

Actually, I’m not really active in this blog. I’m more active at medium as my writing platform. But, even for that, from now on, I’ll trying to update this blog as soon as any of my articles in medium published.

New Layout Bxcodec

So, if you’re interested in reading my story, you could read both here and in Medium. And thanks to for making this theme “Mediumish Theme” free, so I can implement it here. With this theme, I believe, the experience when reading this blog and my Medium’s article not really too different. That’s the reason why I choose this theme for my blog.

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